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Where is the common sense?

Too much politic has infested most aspects of our social endeavours. Fanatism now permeates most of our social lives. How stupid is to better the educational wounds of our country by punishing teachers? Every country ahead of us shows professionalism and respect toward the edudcational profession, but not in the USA. Every country ahead of us (far ahead in what matters, science, math, reading...) has a very challenging and difficult teaching program, not to say the high salary of decensy, proper of a professional. It's difficult to become a teacher in those countries because of the high regards and tough college preparation, BUT in USA most teachers graduate from the bottom 20%, a cab driver makes more money, tenure and experience are regarded as pernicious and inefficient to advance students' achievement...IF you follow this political fanatism (lack of logic)then you have to say to those countries by far ahead of us in education that "bottom 20% newly graduating teachers with barely a B.S. degree are far better and more efficient than those holding Masters' degrees and long experience" Something is terribly wrong for the future of our students. Now they rule our schools because of the low-bottom expectations our schools have created to raise students' graduation. The load/deficiencies passes on to colleges and community colleges to cover these deficiencies. Kids have played catch up with these short cuts and play along knowing they have to be promoted one way or another. Some parents make things worst by pressing on for some kids to be put on especial accommodation programs for an easier pass/grade when in fact most of these kids have discipline problems their parents are unable to address because of having not intention to. There are too many "Moses" in our politicians and school administrators who care more than anybody "for our kids" as long as they are earning six figures annual salary. The easy prey and blame for these opportunistic hypocrits are the teachers. They don't punish or blame themselves and their failed supervision/policies.


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