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Teacher Pay

Glad to see this, past due, we don't have many teachers any more. All we have are people sucking working people dry just like the low lifes that live off welfare. Teacher work days every time you turn around, is that the only days they work? Sending hours of homework each day because they don't want to teach them at school. Working their 20 years and then retire and then go back to double dip, hard working people work age 18 to 65, or 47 years and these lazy people cry about having to work 20 before wanting us to owe them forever?
If you have a child with a little energy, then they haul your butt into the school and ask you to drug your child so it acts like they are asleep. They only work about 185 days a years, about 6 months, so it you take that into account the lazy things really only work about 10 years total before they cry about every thing, "I have to pay a little for my insurance, that's wrong" Let them get it out on their own like the rest of us. As little as they work, 6 months per year, they should have to work until they are at least 112 to put it they amount of time the rest of us do, and that's allowing us credit for doing their job every night. They cry because the don't get a raise, I would be glad to not have a raise and only work half the time, or less. The only thing that is below them as far as sucking the hard working people dry is the lowlifes that live in the projects eating with food stamps. Regular hard working people don't stand a chance in this country, it either the free loaders or the government workers taking all we make.
It's about time a 3rd party came around in this country, call it the worker's party, only allow regular workers in it, the 99% and believe me that ain't teachers.


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