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Many people across the state

Many people across the state are saying that it is about time that this happens. However, I ask that you take a minute and see the point of view from someone that is in the school and classroom everyday. We work in a profession that are sucess and failure is dependent on close to 100 other people. If I was the manager of say a Walmart and I knew that is how my sucess would be managed I would make sure the people who will help me achieve my sucess are the best they possibly can be if not i would fire them and hire someone in their place. As an educator I dont have that option. I have the students that I have. How do you rate my sucess when I have no control over who is in my classroom. I like working with the struggling students (I am an Exceptional Childrens Teacher) and so do many other teachers. However, how do you rate my effectiveness if I teach the low studets all the time, yet another teacher gets the brightest students every year. Am I less effective and dont deserve merit pay if my students dont pass the EOG yet the one down the hall has all of theirs pass. Mind you maybe all my students see growth just dont get a level 3. Maybe you say it is totally based on growth then if I am the brightest teacher is it fair to say all my students were a level 4 (highest on state test) this year they all again score level 4. You cant show growth that well becasue they were already so high. Depending how you set up the merit pay depends on what students teachers will want.
As far tenure teachers can be fired easier than most think. If a teacher is put on an action plan and does not improve they can be released from their job.


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