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I think that tenure should

I think that tenure should definitely be demolished. Most of my experience with my daughters' teachers have been positive, but there are some who have no business teaching.

When my younger daughter finished second grade she was well ahead of her grade level. In fact, her second grade teacher would give her extra work to do so that she wouldn't get bored. Her third grade teacher is horrible. When my daughter finished her class she was behind her grade level in reading and on par with her math. We aren't the only ones with complaints regarding this teacher. When my other daughter was in the ninth grade, one of the students was a problem child. Toward the beginning of the second semester he straightened up and was really trying to behave and to do well with his schoolwork. One day the algebra teacher was passing out tests she told him that giving him the test was a waste of paper. That one little comment ruined it. This year there was a book assigned that my daughter found objectionable because of foul language and explicit depictions of rape. It was something her father and I objected to as well. When she asked the teacher for an alternate book, (something the teacher had easily agreed to with a few other students) the teacher went off on her. My daughter usually takes things and let's it roll off her back. This teacher verbally attacked my daughter to the point that she had a panic attack (something that had never happened with her prior to this incident). She was hyperventilating so bad she couldn't even tell me what happened. She had to hand her phone to her friend to tell me.

These examples are only a few of the reasons that tenure should not exist in our education system.


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