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If elected officials would act for the citizens...

... instead of reacting politically to protect little centers of power, this would be an obvious and overwhelming "yes" vote.
These jurisdictions are so close, the officers on the street already operate as one. If Navassa needs backup.. Leland or Northwest respond and vice versa. If anybody in Belville needs a response before the Sheriff's Office can respond, Leland goes. If you ask elected official in Belville what they think about a merger... I'm sure they would be against it, because they would have to pay their share... right now, their "municipality" gets police service for free (sort of least they don't pay for a police department, and still get the benefits when needed). A bona-fide merger, would accomplish efficiency of administration... retention of employees, no need for background investigators by each department. Efficiency of communication.. Don't you suppose that most of the same folks are committing crimes in Northwest, Navassa, and Leland... I mean for goodness sakes.. they are all almost in walking distance of each other! In short, the citizens would win, the taxpayers would win, the criminals would lose... and oh.. I suppose some of the politicians would lose.


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