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Call me Old School...but I

Call me Old School...but I find this suicide story COMPLETELY distasteful to the family members suffering from this tragedy of losing a loved one...especially by means of suicide.
I would understand a murder investigation cover story...but a suicide IS NOT the kind of news an agency should broadcast to the general public on a daily website listing, nor any other news group coverage.
Imagine, if you will, this person was your wife (or X wife) or your Mother/Father/Sister/Brother/Son or Daughter! It would be hard enough to harbor your feelings for some time...and then knowing the whole town was reading about it daily could possibly create more emotional damage to the surviving family members.
Let the deceased rest in peace...and give the family time to adjust to a tragedy of a suicide/death within the family.
Do you think an obituary would list her death as "Suicide"? Don't think so. And why would be disrespectful to the family. Think of it along those terms WWAY.
Not everything has to be printed in the news!!


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