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Murder..... Really I know

Murder..... Really
I know its hard to think a mother, a loved one would kill their self but to boldly a accuse a person of murder is a big big thing. I would think if a person shot someone else they would have been charged...arrested...would have gunshot residue and blood spattered one them if they shot them close enough to make it appear to be a suicide not to mention the fact that their Child was a witness and could prove they were outside together! So what if they argued...people ...couples...ex's argue. That's not proof that there's foul play. If anything its proof that they're human. If he did do anything why wouldn't he leave the scene....flee with the children like other crazy murderers do? I happen to know both Megan and Brandon....I've spoke to both of them during they're separations and this whole situation is sad. These two families were united as one with their marriage and should be standing by each other and supporting not pointing fingers cause you don't understand. The two innocent beautiful girls need to see everyone united not torn apart. Most suicidal, truly suicidal don't advertise their intent.....they just act. When a person warns of suicide its their cry for help. When a person is highly emotional in an argument they can snap and act on simple impulse and emotion. Its hard to believe its hard to understand...but its harder to see the mother of your child in such a horrific scene. Then have people talk and point fingers at you!!!! Imagine what he's going through.....even if they weren't together they loved once.


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