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Thank you!

I very much agree with your comment! Our local papers are not stating that this was a suicide, merely that it is a death investigation. How rude, heartless, cold, and yes, VERY MUCH DISTASTEFUL to the family and friends of this beautiful soul. WWAY is the only source stating "suicide". This is a very sad time for so many people! Even if they stated that it may have been an "accidental suicide" would even sound and look better (and be more tasteful) than to automatically say it was just a suicide. It looks just as bad as the people who are so obviously pointing fingers at the ex husband. I have my own thoughts, but I assure you, I know they are wrong to say and I will think before I speak to make such accusations. Only GOD can judge and IF something legally and morally wrong happened in that home that day, rest assured, it WILL be dealt with. Hopefully the authorities will do what they are sworn to do and do it all by the book and take every precaution they can to make sure the outcome they announce will be the right one. It may or may not be what every single person wants to hear. But it sure would be nice to let them say it before the tv station does. I sure do hope WWAY's "autopsy department" is happy with themselves for stirring such speculation. I will be keeping the family and those precious little girls in my thoughts and prayers and hoping that IF the headlines being stated from this station are wrong, they DO need an apology! Bless those little girls' hearts if they ever grow up with questions and decide to look at HALF of the mess that has been put on the internet with accusations and finger-pointing!


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