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Impending Vote

It has been difficult reading the tabloids regarding the upcoming vote with the many opinions for and against the “marriage amendment”. I recently lost my partner of 13 years due to complications following open heart surgery. Regardless of the State or Federal government’s opinion, and a majority of the citizens, I consider him my spouse. However, neither of us prepared ahead of time and had Wills, or Power of Attorney, or any other so called legal representation; I was utterly helpless as I watched him slowly die in the hospital without any legal rights making decisions while he was incapacitated. It has been a few months now and I am slowly trying to get my life back to somewhat a normal state; however, dealing with estate and legal implications is like looking into a window from outside, feeling helpless and alone.

Now my heart is gone, the love of my life is gone, and I feel lost and alone. I would have gladly switched places with my partner to this day to allow him more time with his family. It is traumatic going from a two income household to a single income. Luckily we each had a good job with our own benefits; however, I think of the many people in relationships, gay or straight, that may not be as fortunate.

The vote on the amendment will never stop couples from forming their own personal, emotional, and loving bonds with commitments to one another; however, having the same equal legal opportunities as the majority of the population would provide the diversity you would expect of our great nation. I know that education, information, and even experience will not change the narrow minds of many people within our community.

I believe each and every one of us deserves the same equal rights and opportunity as anyone else; however, there is much inequality, bigotry, and disrespect within our community. Unless you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, then how can you possibly know what their life is like? I will be voting NO.


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