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Laws and amendments should

Laws and amendments should be made to protect our safety. That is it. If something is not hurting me, you, or anyone else, then it should in no way shape or form be made against the law or put into the constitution. So tell me, how is 2 men or 2 women getting married going to hurt anyone??? Who is going to suffer because of it??? I don't agree with many things that other people do but I don't think there should be laws or amendments making it impossible for people to do those things. Its a free country and as long as we are not hurting ourselves or anyone else we should be allowed to do whatever we want. Its absolutely ridiculous that in some places abortion is legal but gay marriage isn't. So I can kill a baby inside me but I can't marry my partner? Thats absurd. Its extremely sad that I am not allowed to have the same rights as married couples because they have the right to marry and I don't. There is no reason why I shouldn't be allowed to have the same rights, I am a law abiding citizen who pays taxes, volunteers in the community, works in the healthcare system taking care of dying individuals during their last days alive, coaching youth sports, supporting charities and good causes such as cancer research, and many other things. It is so sad that I may have to explain to my daughter or son one day why his/her parents aren't married. Then again I may not have to explain it since over 50% of his/her friends' parents will be divorced. The incredibly high rate of divorce alone proves that the meaning of marriage has sadly diminished.


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