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I was at UNCW...

during the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress and during the 1996 Presidential election. The seething and hateful political tones that pervaded classes during that time were somewhat amusing and very telling. Even if wildly off topic for the course, many lectures and assignments somehow found a way to focus on what an evil guy Newt Gingrich was. During a lecture on a subject that was entirely apolitical, the prof laughed with glee the day after Dole fell off a platform while campaigning. I remember hoping that when I'm middle aged, I'm not deranged enough to laugh at a 70something, disabled veteran falling four feet onto concrete whether or not I agree with his politics.

Chandler also says he wrote the paper in a pre-September 11th world and thinks the opinions of the general public was much different before the tragedy

I don't think the public has changed so much as it's just not conducive to one's career aspirations to espouse certain opinions where they can be found later and that's always been the case. Ever watch Supreme Court nominees get vetted by Congress? The biggest change I see in daily life since 9/11 is having to remove my shoes to board an airplane.

"if it had just been me and it hadn't been my family and everything else, I might have been tempted to go down and take on the world."
From the video clip that displayed a portion of what I presume is his paper:
"While the United States has the most sophisticated propaganda apparatus ever assembled, it is also the most violent nation-state in history."

Sounds as though he still believes this stuff but career aspirations & better quality of life trump idealism these days.

Pity us poor, knuckle dragging mouth breathers who just aren't sophisticated enough to understand what sort of nation the United States is (propaganda apparatus being what it is) - especially since we've changed so much since 9/11.


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