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Ax to Grind

Clearly, you have an axe to grind so speak on it. Don't be a coward and talk all around it. Come out, say what you got to say. Otherwise, shut up, grief and move on.

I mean, there is no way she could of committed suicide. There is no possible way she could of done it. She was a mother of two lovely children, going to work as a single parent, working a very thankless job for little to no pay in an environment that most people in the free world either can't fathom or don't talk about at dinner parties.

There is no possible way she could of just gotten fed up and had the balls to off herself. Takes a lot of courage to commit suicide if you really think about it. Think about all the samurai in the past that did it instead of facing the shame of defeat. Miraculous courage.

If there is a law broken or suspect, I am very certain the BCSO will make sure they are held accountable on facts in evidence and not mere opinion.


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