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There are approximately 75

There are approximately 75 separate lawsuits pending against Remington alleging that this model rifle misfired without the shooter pulling the trigger. So, Remington certainly knows that there might be problem with this particular rifle.

If there is in fact a flaw in this gun's design that the manufacturer is aware of, I think it's appropriate to hold them responsible monetarily. They haven't issued a recall, much less a warning about the possibility that there could be an issue with this rifle. If a company sells a flawed product that causes the death of someone, they absolutely should be made to pay. This was an innocent girl minding her own business when she was killed.

What would you do if loved one of yours was killed because a company manufactured a product that they knew was flawed, and decided not to act on that knowledge? Would you just say "oh, well" and let it go? I doubt it.

The other option is that the rifle owner in Chadbourn actually meant to shoot, in which case he should be held responsible rather than the Remington.

Either Remington or the shooter is definitely responsible; the trick is to figure out which one.


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