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Actually, when the M-16 had problems...

...they were fixed fairly quickly because they were so bad. Plus, keep in mind that M-14 production had been ordered stopped by McNamara. They had to hurry because there wasn't any good fall-back plan available.

In addition to the forward assist mechanism they plated the chamber with chrome and added a stiffer buffer assembly to slow the cyclic rate of fire. Remember, too, that half the problems were caused by the ammo leaving such a horrendous amount of residue and absolutely no adequate training on first echelon maintenance for an entirely new rifle. (I still think the M16A1 and 5.56mm were useless until the A2 conversion, which actually turned the M16 into an exceptional infantryman's rifle.)

The military doesn't screw around with crappy firearms...and you KNOW how they feel about accidental discharges. How many young lieutenants' careers are ended because of failing to clear a pistol correctly while changing over the OD?

If the 700 had problems, they'd be long gone out of the inventory. Instead, they've been here for over forty years. Yes, many have aftermarket triggers, but many more have factory Walkers that are simply tuned by the armorers. Plus, they are kept clean.

The most telling issue (to me) is that no one can duplicate these alleged accidental discharges. Why? I think it's an easy "out" for people who screw up and launch this guy. Why would he have a loaded rifle in his house and why would he be screwing around with it while it was loaded?


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