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Not that my 2 cents matters...but here it is. It's mighty funny how this tragedy was being called an "accident" UNTIL all the controservy associated with the Travon Martin case came about. Now all of a sudden, it's a race crime! Whatever! Thanks to our lovely media, this is being turned into a 3 ring circus! The difference between Zimmerman and Blackwell is that Zimmerman actually pulled the trigger with the sole intention of shooting Travon! Blackwell did NOT pull the trigger and definitely had NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER of shooting anyone BLACK,WHITE,HISPANIC,RED, or PURPLE! It was a terrible terrible accident. Accidents happen. Should Blackwell be held responsible for this ACCIDENT? Civally yes...criminally no! My prayers go out to the family of the victim. I pray that God above will give them the peace they need to help them through their time of loss and sorrow. I can not begin to imagine the pain they felt and are still feeling. However, that peace is NOT going to come from having a person wrongly charged for a crime. Mr. Blackwell will have to live with concequences of this accident for the rest of his life. I'm almost sure he goes to sleep with the imagine of the victim lying their bleeding taking her last breath and wakes with it every morning. My prayers are with him and his family as well.


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