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FIRST OF ALL GET YOUR FACTS STRAIT, this family has been trying to seek justice for their daughters murder sense the day it happened, the media is just now making it a public matter now the Trayvon Martin case has arisen. so being even more disturbing fact is that it took one racially motivated murder to bring to light another racially motivated murder. Second of all you claim that Blackwell didn't pull the trigger, as if that's a fact that has been proven in this case, and it hasn't. What has happened is once again police officers decided that they were going to play judge, jury and executioner, instead of arresting this man and allowing a trial to determine weather or not this was an accident or foul play. Furthermore the evidence that has was found in his home is supporting the exact opposite of what Mr black wall and yourself claim. don't you find it at least questionable that there was a considerable amount of Nazi paraphernalia, and a confederate flag found in Mr Blackwells home? This alone without being charged with murder, would cause people to believe he was racist.
But when you combined that with him so called cleaning a weapon with the barrel pointed out the window, and might I add a weapon that is very widely known to have a defect that causes the weapon to discharge with out the trigger being pulled, would definitely cause people to speculate if he pulled the trigger himself and used the defect as an excuse. either way, this was in no way shape or form a shut and closed case. it needs to be investigated and taken to trial, and it's sad that it took the death of Trayvon Martin to bring light to this case. it seems to me that you want to convict the victim's family of falsely accusing someone of purposely killing their child. when in actuality that is a normal reaction when someone shoots and kills another person. what isn't normal is when someone goes to bat for the shooter without knowing the facts. it causes me to wonder if this were a black man that killed someone would you just is easily defend his excuse that it was an accident? I highly doubt it.


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