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First of all, you weren't

First of all, you weren't there when this happened-- so you don't know for sure that it "was" an accident. So please do not sit here preaching that "it was an accident", when you don't know that for sure. What makes me believe it wasn't an accident is the fact that he had confederate flags and other racist paraphernalia in his home. Makes me think -- perhaps he did shoot the black girl and passed it off as an accident to avoid jail time. People that belong to hate groups are sick in the head - and there's no telling what they will do.

SECOND of all, even if this was a 'so called' accident - he should've still been arrested!!! Gun owners need to be made responsible for any and all actions that occur as a result of their gun. If the government allows gun owners to go around accidentally shooting people without consequence, we are ALL at risk.

THIRD of all, you sit here and make it seem like this murderer will spend the rest of his life regretting what he did. Honey, you don't know that for sure!! He could be feeling good about what he did because he hates black people - evidenced by the racist paraphernalia police found in his home.

FOURTH of all, when was the last you heard on the news of a black person "accidentally" killing a white kid and that black person didn't go to jail? It's never happened!! So please stop with your statements that this police investigation was not performed along racial lines.

FIFTH of all, this 16 year old was somebody's child, and somebody's brother or sister. Picture how you would feel --would you still be willing to let this guy off the hook if He had done this to someone you know?? It's called "Having empathy".

The guy needs to rot in prison. My opinion.


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