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And YOU have blinders on!

Bin Laden could've easily been had by Clinton, but he allowed him to live, continue to kill and yet again assault our country and its innocent citizens!!! The world would've been just fine without GM or Chrysler surviving. They survived only because of the taxpayer bailout, remember?

What about the bank bailouts? Yes...another taxpayer funded effort to save the crooked executives their jobs and guarentee their millions in bonuses after failed management. Helluva program there Einstein! Lets allow the taxpayers to reward banking executives for shoddy, crooked and inept management. Positive reinforcement for negative behavior! You don't really read the news do you?

My healthcare costs me an additional $7,000.00 this year as my benefits were reduced due to "Health Care Reform". Now, the people that pay for healthcare get to pay for those that do not! People like YOU! People who really believe things like healthcare, food and housing are "FREE". No wonder you like Obama.....

So tell me Guestman, why do we still have illegal aliens swarming into this country, sucking on every entitlement they can get their hands on while not paying taxes, getting free healthcare and farming babies at the American peoples expense? Why isn't that being stopped?

Why is it that fuel and food prices are at all time highs, wiping out any economic recovery that has been made? There has been ZERO progress on energy measures and at home oil reform...ZERO!!! You must not even have a car with your lack of understanding here.

Why is it that families are still losing their homes to foreclosure? Could it possibly be that the vast majority of those jobs that were created were entry level McDonalds, Burger King and WalMart? I seriously doubt that you own a home or that you work.


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