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We need to get real about immigration

Both parties do nothing about illegal immigration because of their own parochial interests.

Democrats couple unfettered immigration with their opposition to voter ID because they WANT eleven million illegal immigrants voting for their give-away politics. Even the honest ones who support voter ID want to coddle illegal immigrants in the hope that they stay and become citizens who vote for Democrats.

Republicans do nothing because they are addicted to the cheap labor these people provide. Everyone gripes and complains about them clogging the ERs and choking Social Services, but we are strangely silent about the beach house selling for $30k less because illegal aliens did the roofing and drywall.

Cries to kick every single one of them out are ridiculous. It's logistically impossible from a law enforcement standpoint and it would basically destroy the agricultural production of this nation. Until people named O'Brien, D'Angelo, Rabinowitz or Washington are ready to work ten to twelve hours picking squash or sorting turkeys for minimum wage, you had better plan of Rodriguez and Bustillo doing it.

Want to solve illegal immigration? First step, have the Departments of Labor and Agriculture figure out how many we NEED to tend to agricultural and landscaping duties that Americans WON'T perform.

Second, seal the border and use the number arrived at in the first step as a targeted goal. Give preference to those already here. They apply, we give out three year work permits limited to the number we attained in that first step. They are eligible for one and only one three year renewal. After the permit and renewal, it will be six years and if they're not a citizen by then, they leave permanently. No more permits.

Third step, anyone without a permit is arrested and deported immediately The number will be greatly reduced and likely manageable by that point. No consideration of how long they've been here of the number of anchor babies they produced. Adios!

The problem isn't migrant workers from Mexico or the rest of Central America. The problem is runaway, unmonitored, unmanaged border hopping that is being encouraged by two political parties that long ago traded common sense for hypocrisy, and the interests of the nation for their own self-serving goals.


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