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I feaar that the autopsy and tox screen is goign to show alcohol in his system. The female from the incident the other ngiht was definitely intoxicated and the situationw asnt handled properly at all.. It was clear she was a threat to her own safety as well as others and probably should have been arrest for her own safety. We wont know for weeks what the ultimate cause of death Im afraid and I wouldnt begin to guess. However things are gonna get rough and answers demanded quick if theres any sign of assault or anythign similiar that may have aided his arrival into the water (which ya'll can crack on all you wan tbut the truth is it is dangerous as hell around the docks and even the main channel as far as all kinds of sucken material and other items which if you came across could cause serious if not fatal injuries. Those laws address a need. Its like the idiot labels that show not to use a hairdryer inthe shower. Without those laws you would see somebody suing the city becuase they we're warned against danger.


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