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stop titan

Thank you for covering a very important environmental story. More details would be great. I attended, and the residents of Castle Hayne, New Hanover Co. Brunswick, and Pender should be on high alert for the problems that the cement plant can and will cause for our economy, our environment and most importantly our health. My prediction is property values around the plant will plummet and the health costs will be dear. What I gleaned from the folks who already are living in towns run by cement plants are as follows: the towns have become bankrupt and no one can sell their home or business. If they speak up against the cement plants, they are either ridiculed or threatened. The cement plant personnel establish themselves in the community boards so they may have and in and infuence the communities. The rare forms of cancer are affecting many residents but especially vulnerable are the children. Asthma and respiratory ailments are way over the norm. The monitoring/testing of the particulate matter is either non-existant or tampered with and the govt does not have the funds or personnel to regulate these companies. Most of the cement plants turn to hazardous waste to use in fueling the kilns to make the cement due to the high cost of fuel to bring it to extremely high temperatures. The cement co is then paid to take on hazardous waste and that is an incentive for them. Things like tires are burned and then benzines released into the air and inhailed. This will be our future if this industry is not stopped before it is too late!


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