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TITAN's New Plant

After reading the article on Sunday protest, I have to wonder if the people that attended have a brain. I have nothing to do with TITAN. I am just a citizen that is fed up with listening to the pathetic arguments when there is already an operational plant right next to the proposed new plant site. The existing plant in Castle Hayne is often hazed by a cloud of cement dust from loading bulk-hauling trucks and the people of Castle Hayne are not complaining about it! And of the "HORROR STORIES" that I have read about, not one could say that it was the result of an ultra modern plant that TITAN intends to build that will exceed most EPA Requirements. It will actually be far healthier environmentally than the existing operating cement plant and will provide many, many more jobs for the local residence.
Maybe the news media and the people that attend these rallies should start asking questions like: Who are these people who come from all over to run down a situation that they really know little or nothing about? Who notified these people of the problem since they come from other states? Who paid their way? I have a hard time believing that they came out of the goodness of their heart and at their own expense. Is the existing plant paying people to rally in an effort to keep the competition out? And can these people prove that cement plants caused MS? Aspartame is a sweetener used in many diet soft drinks and even in baby food and it is a known cause symptoms that have been diagnosed initially as MS and other neurological disorders to include Gulf War Syndrome. Who is to say it was not their existing lifestyle that caused their problem and not the cement plants?
Many people in America today are like sheep. If you tell them what they want to hear they will believe anything and follow you anywhere, even if it kills them! And once you get them going, all you have to do is allude to something and their poorly trained brains will fill in the blank and swear to what they have thought to be the Gospel Truth.
Isn't it about time for the people of Castle Hayne to go to TITAN and find out exactly what TITAN intends to build and what is actually going on with the existing Cement Plant? You just may be astonished to find that you are being used to keep back competition and that what TITAN offers is far healthier health wise and economically than what you have now. Start asking what are we not being told and ask them questions about that. You will find many arguments falling apart when the truth is exposed through honest questions.


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