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The Nimby crowd just cracks me up

I used to live in the Mts of Boone NC with had a cemet and asphalt plant and we never had issues.. Reality people.. This city need jobs and the Titan jobs will help this economy. As for the person worried the EPA isnt goign to watch over thigns your crazy. Are you kidding??? The EPA is so overzealous in their regulation they have shut down compliant operations from other businesses which under normal circumstances under previous administrations your worry of the EPA failing to do its job is soo unfounded its not funny.. The EPA are the same idiots that have declared puddles ins omebodys front yard navigable waterways and therefore protected wetlands transfered tot he Dept of Interior and people have lost control of their own property rights right and left.. I suspect it boils down to Titan being able to do business cheaper (hard to believe considerign the tax base and rates have already costs us Caterpiller and Contental Tire) but then again truth be told the old liberal treehuggers fromt he NE who've moved down here and dont need to work dont give a rats rear about the job market in this town as long as they can get back over to Wrightsville or Figure 8 where they can leave the riff raff behind (We all know well about the arrogance of WB residents and desire if they had their way to keep people out of their beach as they feel the riff raff and regulars should go to CB and Kure). My wife works in WB at one of the resorts and believe me the attitude is alive and well based on the clientele and upper management even treating their staff like riff raff because there are issues which ironically Upper Mgt created themselves when they dotn have enough brains to sign the checks to pay the damn bills on time and then blame the accounting and financial controller offices over late fees..


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