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Are you just stupid

P Jackson, I would say that is most stupid think I have read in years. I guest the easiest thing to show you is that the City of Wilmington isn't bankrupt ( remember Ideal was out there for a good number of years). Did people have problems selling their houses when Ideal was in business? There should be plenty of data to show it did if that was a fact.

You stated "The rare forms of cancer are affecting many residents but especially vulnerable are the children." Can you show me proof of this and again the data should be there to point this out...

Now you are trying to say they use hazardous waste, can you prove this and if they do then they most be getting it from another plant nearby that is producing it. Shouldn't you be trying to shutdown those plants?

How many more lies are you going to stread about this plant? I really think if you want to have support of your cause, show the data where Ideal did all the about before there were standards like they are now. If I were you I would be more concerned as to what GE is doing and wanting to do on the nuclear side. I don't see you have an issue it them...

I think this would cause more issues than Titan.


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