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Yellow Journalism

This is clear cut yellow journalism. WWAY has played to hearts of the emotionally unstable and sensationalized a so called story.

Again, show us data where a by product of cement plant is the sole cause of a cancer, sickness or death and not a work place related injury, sickness or death.

Not buying into the emotionally charged rhetoric from the emotional and irrational nay sayers that claim to be informed. But I can tell you, that if they keep up with the nonsense, they will get their way. They will scare off another potential employer and jobs. Like Catapiller, those jobs will go else where.

I think the last thing we need in this area, is another freaking park. We need some development to entice potential employers and investors to come to the area and create jobs as well as bring in money.

Money makes everything go...not warm fuzzies.

Take a pill and get a grip.


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