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Titan Double Speak

Those with open minds have been informed with facts and the truth, the rest, the single minded, will continue to spout Titan's misinformation. Programmable “robotitans,” a proud occupation to be sure. Why is it that anytime someone from where another plant is located shows up, Titan has to do an emergency “e-alert” to explain why all the cesspools they operate at other places are totally different from the one they want to build in Castle Hayne? Take your 450 (+) million dollars and the money you spend lobbying Congress to reduce and/or eliminate pollution standards and laws, and clean up the garbage sites you already operate. If this issue was not so critical, your double speak would be a great stand up comedy routine. Example: Titan says: Yes, we care about the environment and all the people living around our plants............. Congress, you need to get rid of these bothersome pollution standards, It is much better to suffocate the environment and people than................. PROFITS!

Question for Titan, which one is it? What you say or what you do?


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