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Who is the one without a brain????

This long diatribe would be comical if this wasn't such a serious issue. You claim that you know better than the over 12,000 people who are concerned about Titan, including over 200 doctors, hundreds of business owners, scientists, university professors, 450 health care professionals, the American Lung Association, the NHC Pediatric Society, the North Carolina Pediatric Society, the NHC County Board of Health, the NHC Board of Education - and that doesn't include the mountains of medical and scientific data that says the pollutants and toxins that Titan will emit will be harmful to our health and especially the health of our think you know more than they do and yet you don't even know that there IS NO CEMENT PLANT IN OPERATION RIGHT NOW AT THAT SITE!! There is nothing but a tiny rock quarry there now...No mercury, no arsenic, no PM 2.5, no SO2, no NOX, no Hydrochloric Acid. In other words no 12 MILLION POUNDS of pollution and toxins that Titan will spew into our air that will rain down on our children. No 2500 acre mine draining millions of gallons of water EVERY DAY out of our aquifer, no 300+ additional dump trucks on our roads every day, no 500 ft. smokestack and no foreign corporation lining their pockets at our expense.
And by the way - the citizens HAVE been asking Titan Cement to answer questions in a public forum for four years now and they refuse to do it. They also will not say that they will not burn hazardous waste, tires, plastics and other noxious waste (as if burning coal isn't bad enough)They sue are citizens for speaking factual statements at a county meeting, while their CEO is in Washington trying to get the Clean Air Act revoked. All that and we're suppose to trust them????
Do you live under a rock????


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