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Commonsensenotc, The people


The people against Titan are not a “mob” or the “mob.” From what I have been told, The “Real Mob” as in The Greek Mafia is who owns Titan. Can you or will you tell me if this is true? Mob rule is what Titan does to the environment and to the people that have the misfortune to live near their plants. This is our country. We have the right to question what happens here. We have the right to demand our leaders do what's right instead of kissing up to foreign corporations. We have the right for this whole underhanded process to be explained and to be told who will benefit from it. Follow the money and the truth will be revealed. Then and only then will we know if all the laws have been followed. Why don't you sign your name? If you believe what you say, sign it. Otherwise you come off as a paid or worse yet, an unpaid mouth piece for Titan. So.....................for the 83rd time, sign what you say, or tell Titan to take credit for what they write. Is there a backbone, or a yellow streak?


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