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Why don't you go to Titan

Why don't you go to Titan and ask your questions. Let them know you are the one person in this area that knows more than anyone else. Let them know that you can explain away all that is bad about Titan and blame it on something else. Let them know you have a magic wand that does this. Titan will not answer questions in a public forum. Titan uses people just like you to spout questions instead of answers. Since you appear to think enough of Titan to worship them, why don't you and the rest of the pro Titan crowd form your own church? You can worship a foreign corporation that wants to add Millions of pounds of pollution to an already polluted area each year. You can worship a foreign corporation that will use Billions of gallons of water each year, thus wiping out the aquifer that thousands of people from your own country depend on. You can worship a foreign corporation that sues citizens of your own country that disagree with them. You can worship a foreign corporation that lobby's Congress to eliminate pollution laws so they can operate all their plants here the way they operate the one in Alexandria, Egypt. You can pray in your new “church of those that love Titan” that everyone in this country will see the light and allow Titan to come here and do whatever it pleases. Titan comes from Greece, a country that is bankrupt. This is where Titan learned how to fix the world's problems. Titan should quit the cement business, It should take up casting magic spells. It would appear that they are able to cast a spell that convinces some people that their massive down side is acceptable for supposedly adding 160 jobs. This is less than 1% of the people unemployed in New Hanover County. With people buying into this kind of logic, we need to fix the education system in this country first. Hopefully it is not too late to fix “STUPID”!


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