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Titan Cement

Ok Bee. Your hypothesis is Titan Cement plants cause cancer and other malignant diseases including birth defects in children. The problem with your arguement, is you do not have any supporting material for your arguement. You have not provided one piece of empirical evidence or source for the rest of the free world to review. Upon our review of your supporting materials, the free world will either condone or refute your testimony.

What has happened, is the Stop Titan mob has played to hearts and minds of the emotionally unstable by bringing in "environmental" lawyers to attempt to slow the inevitable. They have brought in spokes people who claim that "cements plants" caused my children to be born retarded or caused their health ailments. They is no chance that it could of been the 3 packs of cigarettes or 12 pack of beers that could of contributed to their defect, right? There is not the slightest possibility, that said peoples genetics just misfired and viola, instant catastrophe, another defect.

You threw out benzene so lets talk about it. Do you know how many vehicles are on this planet? Did you know that benzene is a by product of exhaust from said vehicles? Better be riding a bike hippocrit.

You brought mercury to our attention...STOP EATING FISH hippie. Suprise suprise, it is in all forms of fish including shell fish.

Last but certainly not least, Sulfar dioxide...Winner winner, chicken dinner, you guessed is in every bottle of wine that is on this planet. Where is your STOP WINE movement?

Just got you and all the other "Stop Titan" nazis 3 new crusades to march about next week.

So, using your logic, my supporting data is "out there" for you to review and refute. Have a ball. Deuces.


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