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Informed and Educated???

There is a mountain of scientific and medical data to back up the fact that the emissions coming from cement kiln smokestacks is harmful to human health - especially children. You don't have to look hard to find it. But until you take the time to actually LOOK for it and become truly informed and educated, you only prove you don't have a clue what you're talking about.
Titan will emit 12 million lbs. of arsenic, NOX, SO2, Mercury, Lead, PM 2.5, Chromium....140 toxins and pollutants in all, every single year. Look up the research on what those things do to the human body, and how children are especially susceptible... Not to mention the millions of gallons of water they will drain from our aquifer EVERY DAY, the 2500+ acres of wetlands they will destroy, the huge mine they will dig, with blasting 24 hours a day, the over 300 dump trucks added to our roads every day and the fact that they are dangerously close to our schools, homes and parks. Even if they fulfill their promise of jobs (doubtful) they would add a measly 2/10 of one percent to the total employment of NH county. Only an uninformed, uneducated fool would think that's a good idea.


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