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Titan Cement


You guys are the ones with the axe to grind, so why should I be the one to go look up your so called supporting material?

Until you provide your source...Until you provide 1 credible piece of unbiased empirical evidence...Until you and the rest of the Stop Titan movement provide 1 iota of proof to your libelous claims, I will have to agree to disagree with Stop Titan and anyone who aligns themselves with that mob. When you guys show me and the rest of the free world your sources, so we can refute or condone your arguements, I say dig away and give them 5000 acres of wetlands.

But I would be careful about statements of putting schools, homes and parks in danger. Someone could view that as potentially slanderous and without just cause. No one knows, for a fact, if in fact schools, homes or parks would be put in any danger and to make such a claim, without proof, is foolish and unwise.

As far as your employment information, if the Stop Titan movement was so righteous, why not spread the wealth and give up some of the wealth to those that might depend on Titan as gainful employment for a mere living wage?

Yeah, I didn't think that would work either. Get down off the smokestack, take a pill and get a grip.


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