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Beach Bum

You just proved who you are with your veiled threat of another lawsuit. Your closed mind, closed ear rhetoric is laughable. Does Titan and the City Council do all your writing for you. You call for proof, and ignore it when presented. Do you really think anyone that is willing to do research and think for themselves buys into what you are saying? Titan has been asked many times to debate this issue publicly. Titan refused to answer questions presented by a county commissioner. Titan is a cowardly foreign corporation that hides behind unjust lawsuits, veiled threats, and propaganda to try and get its way. You mindlessly sing their praises and defend everything they do. Here's a suggestion: A public debate, if what you claim is true, Titan should want to tell all publicly. The reason they will not, they have too much to hide, and people like you to spread misinformation. Why don't you get a life, and quit being a rubber stamp little yes man for the Mayor and Titan. If you were not so pathetic, you would be comical.


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