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Talk about pathetic...


Take off the tin foil hat man. You and the Stop Titan mob have the axe to grind. Again, you dance around providing your source of credible unbiased information for the free world to review, and if need be, refute or condone your testimony. If you do not believe me, ask your lawyers.

Speaking of lawyers...I represent myself and myself alone. I have no vested interest in Titan cement or their subsidaries. What I do have vested is business in New Hanover County. And, as entitled to an opinion as you, I agree to disagree with your and the Stop Titan perspective. I was merely offering some of your colleagues some insight in thinking before you speak. But, as your colleagues have demonstrated before, enjoy being sued for making libelous comments, have a ball man.

Last but not one point in my life I was an officer and by proclamation a gentlemen, but don't abuse that. Your failed attempts to insult me and or trolling will only bring you into my crosshairs. I will have no compunction what so ever in getting into your ass up to my neck.

So, before you get rickrolled again or go back to playing World of Warcraft, provide your sources so the free world can review the supporting material for your arguements and testimoy. That way, instead of taking your word as the gospel, the rest of us can make our own informed decision.


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