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@ bum

Mr. Bum,

Except for a few, none of the pro Titan crowd signs their names. If you believe it, sign it. I don't believe for a second that any facts presented could/would change your mind or baseless attacks. Whether you are sitting in Titan's office anonymously writing away or not, I could care less. As far as your threats go, I do not concern myself with someone too ashamed of what they write to sign their name. All is just hot air, or in your case keystrokes without substance. You are right about one thing, you are entitled to your opinion. So is everyone else. Present proven, verifiable facts to back your opinion before demanding others to do the same.

If Titan had facts, if Titan did not fear what they would have to answer, they would participate in a public debate. I love how you try to diminish a groups point of view by calling them a mob. Does this make you feel better? People with facts present them. The rest anonymously hide behind keyboards and run away from public debates. If you were truly interested in making an informed decision, you would do the research yourself instead of demanding others to do it for you. Is laziness a problem?

If you are in fact former military, your actions confuse me. I grew up in a military family. My father taught me to stand up for what I believe, not make veiled threats while anonymously hiding. What flag did you serve under? The United States of America or Greece? Why do you blindly follow and serve a foreign corporation that will add pollution to an already polluted area? A foreign corporation that will withdraw millions of gallons of water per day from an aquifer that is already strained from drought conditions. An aquifer that thousands of people depend on. Is there anything else you would like to surrender to Titan? Anything else you want to take away from the people of this area and hand over?

Titan facts: The footprint of this plant is huge. They will use billions of gallons of water each year. They will add pollution to an already heavily polluted area. They are a foreign corporation that will take profits out of this country. There are health concerns from 100's of doctors. Many current businesses that understand becoming a “cement” town will keep a lot of other businesses from coming here. They will add mercury to the river and island creek. Is this what you are supporting?

You claim to be a business man and Titan makes sense? Their downside for 160 jobs? If this type of business plan is what the future holds, no wonder the country is in a bind. Titan requires our air, our health, and our water. How is this a positive addition to this or any other community?

FYI, I do not play video games so pick something else to assume.


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