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Dumb it down

Ok Rick...

Last time, provide your credible unbiased source for the free world to review. That way, we can review for ourselves and make our own decision, either refuting or condoning your testimony.

You see, when you make a claim or formulate a hypothesis, such as, Titan Cement is bad. You support your hypothesis with supporting material, which, is generally reviewed by others so they can refute or endorse your hypothesis. In your arguement and or testimony you have to show and or demonstrate why Titan Cement is bad or good. Get it yet? You and the Stop Titan movement are the ones with the axe to grind. So, prove your hypothesis.

Again, I can not speak for why Titan will not engage you in public debate or forum, but I have an idea. You should take moment out of your marches for humanity and review the Art of War. You may gain some valuable insight on why and how to argue.

What I do find provocative is how you claim to be empathetic yet ridicule those who do not agree or align with your thoughts or ideas? It is curiously amusing you claim to come from a military family upbringing and challenge my integrity or question the flag under which I served, having never served yourself, jodi boy. I say this to you and jodi's, until you actually have the nerve...until you actually graduate boot camp and serve something other than yourself...until you actually serve in a far away land, insuring the very rights and freedoms you exercise daily; you nor anyone else are in any kind of position to question a F'n thing as far as I am concerned. Just say thanks and move along. Because those who do, do and those who won't, piss and moan about how bad things are then cry, complain and post on forums when it's ugly.

If Titan Cement has the appropriate paperwork, licensing etc, then you can not keep resetting the bench marks when they meet them. How is that fair? What if your boss came in and told you, you meet whats expected, but you yourself have got to meet whats expected plus one more. Again, if the Stop Titan movement was so righteous, they would share their wealth so those who might actually need one of those 160 jobs won't have to have one of those 160 jobs.

So, screw you Rick and screw the Stop Titan movement. Have a nice day cowards.


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