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@ Bum Again

The Stop Titan movement has been in full public view from the start. I sign my posts, you hide behind Beach Bum. I like your choice of names. As for your military service, step from the shadows and prove it. Look up coward in the dictionary and you will see it applies to you. You do what Titan has done this whole process, cast dispersion on those that oppose you without saying anything verifiable. You use words like the “mob” and “radicals.” You get pissed when challenged, make veiled threats, allude to how bad you are. You do all of this while hiding behind the name Beach Bum. You words would have more meaning if you would step out of the shadows and identify yourself. I think most people have seen the movie “A Few Good Men,” glad they could write part of your rant for you. You call people cowards that are in full public view from your cyberspace foxhole. You sir, are the coward. Hope you have been paid well for your posts, I understand why you hide, because your comment on “Natural Selection” shows just how pathetic you are. Identify yourself or just go away. If you ever were in the military, then you should be ashamed of talking to a Mother, worried about her child’s health, about “Natural Selection.” It will be nice when you and Titan go the way of the Dinosaurs, you know, become extinct.


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