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Bye Bye Bum

Glad you are changing the channel. Wish you would quit claiming to be what you are not. Wish you would stop trying to take credit for something you had no part of. Hiding in a cyberspace foxhole makes you a coward. The facts are out there, you just choose to ignore them. You shout, lie, threaten, and when all else fails, you change the channel. Typical of all that is Titan. Good-bye and good riddance. What are you going to claim to be next week, an Astronaut, or maybe a double naught spy? The spy would be more in line with your invisible persona. The Nazi reference is laughable, if you are intelligent enough to study history, you will find this is what you and your crew resemble. You blame the poison spewed from a massive smokestack on natural selection, sorry, but you missed the intelligence train. Enjoy your other channel, goofy and dumbo will be more you speed.


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