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Point well made about illegals!

Correct, " Americans won't do..." is a crock of horse-hooie!!! He's talking about picking beans and cucumbers and that's why we have brought in migrant workers in the past! Our crisis goes MUCH further than that! I've watched eight brand new houses built around me over the past two years. Not a single American on ANY of the except for the superintendent, ALL mexicans. They work tax-free get free medical care, pay no property tax and no insurance. The developers and builders are stuffing their pockets full at the taxpayers expense. There are ways to stop this but nobody seems to want to. Here's another tid-bit for you illegal sympathizers: You get one good generation of a hard working mexican. After that, they learn the way of the existing entitlement recipients and realize all they need to do is lay on their lazy ass and collect a free government hand-out, then look at what you have!
I refuse to buy so much as a cantelope from an ilegal on the roadside. I refuse to hire a contractor to do work on my properties if he employs mexicans. And let me clarify this, it isn't about being mexican, it's about being an ILLEGAL mexican. They DO NOT belong here anymore than WE belong there!


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