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So just to clarify, you are ok with paying about twice what we pay for our produce and increasing our trade deficit, correct? The loophole that no one talks about is the law that makes it legal for our agricultural industry to pay migrant and illegal aliens sub-standard, well below minimum wage standards to keep our produce costs down. Unlike the average worker, these individuals, often here illegally, are denied healthcare, asked to work exorbitant hours for minimal pay. How many U.S. citizen workers do you know that are willing to pay that? So, if you are for tightening the borders, not letting anyone in, that is totally good with me, but our citizens have to be willing to pay for this. We, as a nation, are willing to increase our debt wiht China and throw the American worker under to the bus to get cheap goods at Wal-mart. What makes you so sure that we would be willing to pay the cost of having a regulated agricultural industry staffed by the American worker for twice the food cost?


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