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Ilario Pantano is supporting

Ilario Pantano is supporting U.S. citizen and legal resident laborers who want to work, but who are underbid by illegal aliens working for sub-standard wages.

Illegal aliens have illegally sneaked into the U.S. and are now:
illegally present in the U.S.;
illegally working in the U.S.;
illegally being paid under the table without paying federal and state taxes, FICA, FUTA, and other licenses and fees where required;
and soaking the taxpayers for community services such as public education, emergency room and labor and delivery healthcare, public housing and subsidized transportation, WIC and foodstamps, and even the public cost of being incarcerated in county jails and state and federal prisons.

David Rouzer is all about the money - standing up for the LAWBREAKERS (employers) who rip off the system by violating the law and profiting from illegal alien labor, while socializing the human costs (above) onto the taxpayers.

We have immigration laws for a REASON. A nation without borders cannot long survive as a nation... only as a waste dump.


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