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Across the Street

I actually live somewhere between 1/4 and 1 mile from the site in controversy. With all the advocacy for those in the neighborhood; espousing their "hard work" and "accomplishments" I think you've simply not addressed my concerns. I understand that no one wants to lose value in their property. But "WHERE" exactly, not generally, should this be built?

What I'm hearing is the standard, not in my backyard arguments. However we can't run from these problems forever. There simply isn't enough space in Wilmington to keep running, it has to be built next to something. Second, the vast majority of people in Pine Valley didn't lift themselves out of poverty, myself include. Thus the argument that we escaped poverty, and thus know what we escaped from, is not factually accurate. Many of our ancestors came from poverty, we have the advantages they provided, and many of us take them for granted, myself included from time to time.

Regardless of the motivation, this policy continue the Status Quo, racial and economic segregation. Doing nothing hasn't worked in the last 40 years, and I suspect it will continue to do just that, NOTHING. If we do something, it may involve pain, hardship and certainly chance, but the result can be a better place to live for everyone, or it could be a huge failure, but to do nothing simply leaves the problem for our children, which I see as a selfish approach to the issue.

I'm certainly not advocating for this particular project, because I don't know enough about it, rather I'm simply advocating for the idea that we have to actively confront racial and economic segregation which has resulted in a large segment of this city feeling disenfranchised and under utilized. To forget the past dooms us to repeat it!


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