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As reported.... the hometown mullet-wrapper earlier in the week, the issue is one of leadership, and the political powerbroker's delusional belief in their own importance and that they really do know better.

Local government around here seem to be rife with elected officials who seem to have their own agenda, and the people who elected them are largely not on it. Here is what I mean:

The staffs of New Hanover County, City of Wilmington, Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, etc., are largely comprised of people who went through a competitive interview process, and were selected as the best candidate for that position based on (like most job hires) their education, experience, and background...along with the willingness to work, for the most part, on the cheap. The boards, and councils...same old players.

Now, some of these staff members are extremely well educated, hold advanced degrees, licenses, etc. They are "empowered" to do their jobs based on the aforementioned criteria. So..they go about their daily business trying to serve the public the best they can.

What you saw last night is exactly what I am talking about. The COW staff (in theory) is supposed to work with the public and give them guidance. So the staff had worked with the developer...THEN...

Politicians. Forget about what the staff told you...forget about their experience...background, education. I KNOW BEST! I WAS ELECTED! I AUTHORED THE MURKY LAWS, ORDINANCES, AND REGULATIONS! I WILL LORD OVER YOU...and guess what? How much more time and money will this cost you. In the aforementioned WSN article on timelines and an overall lack of leadership in these processes, Mayor Saffo said he wanted to cut this decision-making from six months down to four. Good luck with that, Billy.

Now, I understand the policians are elected, and there are checks and balances...but as for the length of time for anything to get down around this fiefdom is precisely because of the process I just described. Think about the wasted staff time...they aren't given direction or any inkling about what the politicians are thinking or how they will vote or act.

The boards and councils need to be setting forth clear guidance and direction...providing counsel and vision. Right now, staff work ends with a process that could better be described as a crapshoot.

I saw that debacle last night. I feel sorry for the staff that has to go back and perform a redo based on the wisdom of fools. This is the rule, not the exception. Remember the staff's recent recommendation about a consulting firm for the baseball stadium? Kicked to the curb, you idiots!

The process is EXACTLY backwards. The boards/councils should be providing clear direction to the staffs...then sit back and wait for the results, and if close, vote yeah or nay. What we have now is a roll of the dice. The staff rolls, and we don't know what is going to come up.


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