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Socialist Party demands "equal air time"

Excuse me, but The Big Talker FM is a PRIVATE SECTOR operation that can convey whatever message they wish.That message happens to be a conservative one that makes liberals unhappy that they do not have a forum in the local listening area.Market forces have shown that the conservative talk radio format has been a more successful business model because conservatives flock to the radio dial.The reason they flock to the radio is because 80% of the mainstream media outlets are partisan Democrats, who dominate the dissemination of information to a relatively uninformed audience.The only mainstay for liberals is NPR,which is subsidized by the taxpayer,to promote a predominately liberal message.Your request would be understandable if the programming were taking place on a National Propaganda Radio program.May I suggest Ms.Butler contact the local NPR station to counter The Big Talker FM.In this forum,she will find an audience that is receptive to her perspective.Demanding a private sector business to give you equal time is absurd and I would not have accomodated your request.The only entity that is presently determining what is fair and trying to cut an equal piece of the pie is our DYSFUNCTIONAL federal government under the leadership of Obama.Good luck and hopefully my Big Talker friends will burn the phone lines up.


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