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Adams knowledgeable, but a Conservative? No Way!

The big Talker is no longer "conservative radio" and Chad Adams is the figurehead of the new, fencesitting-for-ratings station. He is intelligent, but prone to pandering for ratings and fearful of espousing principles commonly championed by "conservative hosts." Adams, in keeping with the new Big Talker, which often sounds like NPR, not talk radio, is and I don't mean this offensively, but he bends over to please ultra-liberals (either to draw a large audience with bland weak-kneed "can't we all get along" discussion without conservative or libertarian values, but valuing ratings alone...The Big Talker ditched the more conservative Curtis Wright, who ranted about whatever he was feeling to the point of turning people off with his haphazard, disorganized positions on issues, usually more about voicing his own personal grudges than selling conservative/liberty-based philosophies.
Chad Adams mimics some Rush-like gimmicks but he's no conservative, a knowledgeable moderate Bush Lite, who says one thing and then a day later offers a contradictry position (something he accuses the Star- News of doing, and rightly so). The Big Talker of the Chad Admas era isn't conservative, its all over the map, a morning rush hour version of Harvard Jennings. Nice guy, great man, Harvard, but not one to risk ratings by challenging the dominant mob mentality of the moment. He is afraid or has been instructed to not offend anyone and so he avoids issues and facts that he can't tippy-toe around to make all the Deb Butlers and Jason thompsons out to look like principled conservatives when they are raving, tax and spend, self-serving career politicians in the batters box. Whatever happened to Ben Mccoy and that Fair tax youngster?


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