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Common decency not common today

Sounds like you've been gobbling up the poisonous table scraps from that self-righteous, pill-popping Rush Limbaugh. You DO know that he says all that stuff just to feed his own narcissism and to make money, don't you? If you're really unaware of that, there's an unpleasant possibility that you'll turn into just another dummy sitting on his lap with his hand up your butt to make your mouth move. Hopefully, you find that imagery unappealing.

Having a conservative viewpoint has NOTHING to do with everyone else being THE ENEMY. Having a conservative viewpoint has NOTHING to do with calling other people names or stating that a sitting President is "out to destroy America" or believing that this country was founded on hate, or most importantly, advocating hatred against those who disagree with you.

Having a conservative viewpoint IS about a belief in limited government and generally emphasizes the empowerment of the individual instead of the government to solve problems. When common decency is removed from the Conservative-Liberal debate it becomes next to impossible for those individuals to solve any problem. That's contrary to one of the basic tenants of conservative thought. All you have to do is look at our country's do-nothing Congress to figure that out. They've become so polarized they do nothing but spew out devisive sound bites and very little else. That truly is destroying America and your viewpoint is contributing to that.

With a user name like yours, one would think that you might possibly have enough COMMON SENSE not to act the way you're acting.


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