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i'm sorry, but i have to

i'm sorry, but i have to rant...

waav radio is 24/7 bitter old white conservative men. i listen in while driving to torture myself i suppose. Curtis Wright is an idiot who should go back where he came from, much like he told President Obama on his radio show to "...go back to Africa, where you came from". Curtis doesn't archive his radio shows online, which is a big clue that what he says - he doesn't want to have to answer to later.

He was whining about Deborah this morning - he told her to "shut up and go away", on air! what an ass.

WAAV radio management if you are reading, i have lived here my entire life and since Curtis Wright joined your station i have gone out of my way to NOT support your advertisers. you should seriously consider firing Curtis, his vitriolic snide attitude and one sided propaganda have turned WAAV radio into a joke.


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