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Follow the Money

No one seems to get it in any State. I've been working for over 20 years as a paid technician on major film studio productions and the way I barely stay busy is because of YEARS of experience and training. This is not something you're going to get going to some community college for a semester and this is why producers will continue to bring in qualified help from Los Angeles, the capital of film production in North America. Meanwhile they will continue to pocket the incentive money from whatever state is robbing the taxpayers to play a political game of pretending to rebuild the failing job markets of that state(like a Governor seeking re-election). Recent examples include Iowa and Michigan which saw a swell of production and the minute they pulled back the reins on the incentive monster, producers fled....along with the jobs. Residents of North Carolina - don't be fooled again. You will pay for a few people to get temporary jobs while your tax dollars will go back to LA and the studio pockets there. BTW I grew up in Michigan and fled that failing economy decades ago. I'm now based in LA and will probably be working in North Carolina very soon, taking my money back to California with me. When they finally cap your incentive program say Bon Voyage to all the productions flocking to your state. They will find another Casino to throw dice - in another state.


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