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Heroin Dealers are also Murders

Five months ago I lost my Son to and Overdose of Heroin, The pain is unbearable, As a Mother who dealt with my Sons addiction for 18 years...I never gave up hope on him. He Graduated The Drug Court Program and had been clean for two years and just decided on Dec. 13th 2011 to go and use. These Drug Dealers don't realize that what they are doing is destroying the entire family Unit. My 17year old Grandson lost his Father as well as I lost my Son. These thugs that deal drugs should get life in Prison without Parole.Maybe even the Death sentence when a person dies from the drugs that they sale.My Prayer is to see the penalty for Drug Dealers to become more harsh. However the majority gets a slap on the wrist and sent out to continue saleing Drugs! I personally see a problem with that... The DEA works hard at trying to take these Murder/ Theives off of the street and I really appeciate them. however it is a losing battle!!!Until the Courts get harder on these thugs nothing will ever change.One other thing I would like to mention is the Drug Court Program...they help many people to get clean and become Law Abiding Citizens.It is a hard course to get through but it has a sucsessful rate for many...It's what these folks choose to do after completing the program!


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