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What is this same sex “marriage” all about?

What is this same sex “marriage” all about?

Putting the emotional rhetoric, sound bites and one-line zingers aside, I always ask what is the same sex “marriage” issue all about. Is it really about benefits and the right of survivorship? Is it really about recognition or equality? I really do not think it is about any of the above. The same sex “marriage” is not even a spiritual, Christian or religious matter, even though many of the proponents of traditional marriage are religious. I think it is a much deeper and more serious plot and a very well thought, and patient agenda

I also wonder if the same sex “marriage” activists are willing or unwilling participants of the plot or agenda.

The same sex “marriage” movement is not about benefits or right of survivorship. If that is the case why isn’t the movement lobbying or fighting for those benefits. There are many municipalities, public and private organizations that provide benefits to homosexual couple as to the heterosexual counterparts. And all these benefits can be easily attained without changing what marriage is. The fact is no one cares if same sex couples inherit each other’s possessions or share medical insurance or retirement plans.

The same sex “marriage” movement is not about recognition either, homosexual couples live in peace as their heterosexual counterparts in fact homosexuality has become a celebrity status for many.

It is also not about equality. Equating homosexual marriage to heterosexual marriage is the same as equating apples to oranges or homosexual sex to heterosexual sex. A white person can ask to be called black all they want but that will not make them black. Same sex marriage is not and will not equal traditional marriage any way you look at it.

The same sex “marriage” is not even a Christian or a spiritual matter even though same sex “marriage” advocates are relentlessly attacking Christianity and Christians as narrow minded, backward, intolerant folks for opposing same sex “marriage”. The fact is most religious and cultural beliefs are advocates of traditional marriage.

It is a societal and cultural issue.

First, we need to separate the personal from the corporate, the personal freedom from the societal benefits. On the personal level no one objects to two people living together and enjoying the freedom and benefits we all have. Corporately however, there is a benefit to the culture and to our civilization from stable traditional marriage. There is no benefit to the society from homosexual union whatsoever it only benefit its participants.

Same sex “marriage” activists are part a bigger agenda. This agenda has used political homosexuality as one of its weapons. This bigger plot or agenda has and continues to target the traditional family structure which is the bed rock foundation of any successful, stable, safe civilization. Civilized cultures have always and will continue (maybe not here in America) to protect the traditional marriage because it is the one single factor the will promote, improve, and keeps the culture strong. Strong family structure benefits the entire culture not just the individual family. This protection is not for the benefit one man and one woman as a married couple but rather for the safety and security of the children that will become the next generation.

The modern political homosexual movement traces it roots to an agenda that is more than 100 years old. Most gay activists in the political homosexual movement are “unwilling participant” of this agenda and they are not aware that they are being used by the bigger agenda. They are used to promote an agenda that is not theirs and the successes of this agenda will ultimately contribute to their demise. In fact Nikolai Lenin had a name coined to such groups, look it up. This agenda did not start in the 60’s or 70’s but rather with the founders of communism from the 19th century and their militant followers. See the founders of communism have always known that they can not conquer and destroy America in a war, they knew America is a strong country not because it’s military but rather because of it’s strong fabric, the family, the Judeo- Christian foundation and patriotism. They knew in order to destroy America it has to be done from within and by its own people. The principles, goals and objectives they put in place over a hundred years ago have been slowly but surely infiltrating our culture and now we are reaping the consequences of that agenda.

Among the more than 40 objectives the communists had, were the objectives to destroy the family by promoting pornography, easy divorce, degrading the father’s role in the family and the promotion of homosexuality and other sexual life styles and make them equal to traditional marriage.

It is a big and grave mistake to think that the same sex “marriage” is about equality, recognition and benefits. It is about the destruction of the strong foundation of America. And if they succeed and destroy this foundation, this destruction will create a void that will be filled (in my opinion) by communism or islam either of which is extremely hostile to homosexuality and will be homosexuals biggest nightmare.


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